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Onlyfans Moms, Satanism, and the Shame-Based Economy


  •   Silk cellophane is the cocoon plastified. Littered iridescent gift wrap pollutes the butterfly. Where, now, the pupa metamorphizes into something abominable and new.
      Between water and the shore, anything that appears is only there due to friction and contradiction. As always, existing where nothing should.
    ☆ updated splash page
    ☆ posted on microblog
    ☆ humilated myself on the internet

  • please visit my second site!
    it's currently a wip, but so far, it's really cute and fun... it's not the erotica based site i'm also working on, but instead an outlet for my clone/organ harvesting anxiety/daydreaming!
      in other news, this site was flooded the other day. the chatbox & guestbook were both annihilated, with the "attacker" leaving gross comments.
      initally, i removed captchas from both of these third parties because i thought it would incentivize people leave to comments, and i love comments! sadly, dumbfucks* have to ruin everything, and all the sweet messages left in the chatbox are gone forever.
      since changing the theme of /666, & then, so soon after, having someone call my site "dumbass" and leave pornographic pictures in the guestbook, i've been feeling sort of ... not aligned with this place.
      the change in design of /666 was primarily to have a more responsive design, but also because someone called the previous color palette "grunge" and, no offense to that person, but i would rather be called almost anything else but that! so, i'm trying to conform better with this layout.
      nevertheless, i think i'll try to work on other projects and let time heal the injuries... i put enough effort into this site to have it hurt when it's disrespected! ♡24/10/2023
  • just a little update.
      i've redesigned the splash page, /666, my diary, contact page, & the about site admin page. i've mostly removed special fonts in favor of using monospace. though a few details will remain, like the banner, for example.
      things are looking better on mobile and i'm really happy about that! i've started linking my css files to the html, & it's not my favorite, but i'm doing it because that's what the people demand, and i'm nothing if not... somewhat obedient to social expectations, sometimes.
      in other news, i'm going to make a neocities site, similar to this, but more anonymous (lol), and focused on erotica and lovesick fantasies combining my affinity for identifying cultural abuse and social degradation, mixed in with the affection and sociality that's (allegedly) natural to terrestrial monkeys... i'm desperate for traffic!
      maybe i'll be able to write a little story about an attention starved woman who resorts to writing pornography on a website... [ i am not attention starved, but to exageratte my desire for website traffic, it could be useful motivation for the protagonist. thank you for understanding ]. ♡18/10/2023
  • hello! it's been like, a week? but in internet time, that's basically thirty years... i've made a satanic collage, which i partially find funny, cute and romantic, and another part of me is mildly scared, because i know it's seen as something really silly, and maybe it is... i don't want to actually upset anyone, but i've really been hating religion and god for some time now, and i've been so scared to express myself anywhere publicly. it feels nice to take that resentment and do something a bit creative with it. i also (tried) to detail my current beliefs, though it probably needs some work and more clarification. in any case, slowly but surely, i shall add more content to this site! ok! ily! xoxo ♡07/10/2023
  • got around to making a site map, site information page, & tweaked /666 color palette again... it's so strange how some days, certain colors and shapes can be so appealling, and then other days, they're quite displeasing. i'm not going to speculate why... but i'll think about why i also think i've spent so much time on my site these past two months that i can't tell what it looks like anymore, it's like i've been staring in the mirror for too long...27/09/2023

♡previous notes♡

September 2023
added a twitter clone microblog! credit to hat for the lovely script! i also reactivated the real xitter because it's been 27 days & i'm not ready to have it deleted.

anyway! it seems i'm making average progress of one page per day, which isn't bad, though i'd like to be faster... i also tested my site on websitecarbon.com and, according to them, "this web page is dirtier than 95 % of web pages tested" horrible! i hate being a criminal! but i love my fonts and disastrous css. on the other hand, "dirtier" makes it sound kind of sexy. thankfully, we can always eroticize what hurts us 21/09/2023
updated the link directory, i think i can leave it alone now , plus a new poll! there are two now. . . please vote! to save civilization... on a semi-related note, i wonder if it's sort of 'wrong' to put filters on other's web buttons? i hope they don't mind, the undefined color palette gets under my skin. i hope to be forgiven, if it's considered a slight. 20/09/2023
i fixed up /666: added webrings, outside link buttons, & new songs. it's dark & twisted how a website is literally never finished ? ♡19/09/2023

✦ ! cleaned up the site & i think i'm finally "finished" . i still need to add more content to a few pages, and eventually add my art page, but i'm really shy, so it's fine that it isn't up. at least the pressure has evaporated!
♡ -12/09/2023

✦ i've made signficant progress here. i've added an auditorium, img/png vault and i updated the changelog, finally ^^. i also made a guestbook account, but it's like, triggering my insecurities, lol. i feel like i need a lot more content to be an interesting site. i think once i finish a few more pages, i can take some distance because i've been obsessively working on it ♡ -08/09/2023

✦ finalized the color palette & assests for /666, added new musicbox: sarcófago's INRI from their 1987 album of the same name ♡ i also updated the screenshots pages of the site & they're all back online ^^ i hope they're not too dumb. i feel so insecure about existing online. no one except (demons) & people on the internet exist so deliberately. it's obvious we all choose to be here, but i'm not sure why i'm here.. online...in any case! i only hope it's okay... that i'm here
♡ -06/09/2023

✦ finally got around to editing the graphics & link directory pages. . . and all three updated pages are pretty mobile-friendly . . . i'm still sick & miserable. i'm so glad i have this site to take care of and feign productivity. i think i'll change the index page & update contact next. still have lots of things to fix, in life & online. . .
♡ -05/09/2023

✦ changed the mobile layout to reflect the grid because i'm still having trouble with responsive design! imagine if i actually took the time to learn >.> my impatience to simply read documentation makes me waste more time, probably. i'm working on the about page next beacuse it should be easier and i'm a narcissist ♡ -02/09/2023

✦ made some small progress with the new layout . . . i need to update the rest of the site and add new content when i have time, but it's good enough for now. even though it's imperfect, i'm so happy i can enjoy my site on my phone now
♡ -01/09/2023


  • add new songs to music player
  • add new graphics
  • redesign:
    1. site credits
    2. music page
  • update changelog!
  • theme switcher on /666
  • work on new collages ∞

  • new favicon
  • update link directory
  • detail work on /666
  • redesign auditorium
  • add minor changelog
  • add microblog
  • add sitemap
  • add site credits
  • work on new collages

    ♡previous tasks♡

    September 2023
    add library
    add png vault
    ♡ -08/09/2023
    ⛤ add sitemap (is it necessary?)
    add music page
    add diary entry/warning page
    ⛤ ? add painting gallery
    ⛤ fix :
        • 404
        • contact
        • changelog
        • now
    ♡ -06/09/2023
    ⛤ sitewide update is in order!
      • update directory + buttons + links
      • fix graphics page (?) not sure it's even needed anymore?
    ⛤ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    ♡ -01/09/2023


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