Hello! I hope you're feeling well as you read this. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and click around! It means so much to have a visitor. Please make yourself at your home! 🖤

To be honest, I have a bit of paranoia regarding stalkers and internet haters, so before continuing, please take a moment to mentally synchronize to my frequency, and agree—on a soul level—to commit and transfer neither malice nor harm.

Take your time and close your eyes if you feel like it. . . If your soul does not agree: please exit the webpage and come back another time. I thank you for your honesty. For those who have agreed: I am eternally grateful for your kindness, curiosity, tolerance and benevolence. 🖤

You might be wondering why this page is focused on selling, currency and money, and that's because 'About Me' pages have taken on the same use as a curriculum vitae: please hire me, please buy me, please follow me. Nothing wrong with that! We all have to survive. It's just that after writing so many mini-biographies and using under 30 characters to describe my entire personhood, it starts to feel like a sort of soft virtual human trafficking.

That being typed and read, allow me to introduce myself as if we're cozily sitting across from one another in a warmly lit room. . . except you're gagged and can't say anything while I monologue at you about myself:

My name is ▮▮▮▮▮ and I'm originally from an undisclosed location in the United States and have since relocated to France. I'm an introverted, mostly autodidact failwife, an unremarkable parasite on/of global capitalism, and a stay-at-home-mom (with PPD). I (USED TO) enjoy reading, writing, typing, talking, cleaning, learning, listening, cooking, painting and playing card and board games. WILL I EVER BE MYSELF AGAIN?

I also (USED TO) enjoy visiting parks, museums, art exhibitions, castles, going to classical music concerts and shopping. . . 🖤 My ideal Friday night is people watching, coming home, disinfecting, then sharing our thoughts, ideas, and reflections on the energies and what we observed.

🤍iLove :

sterile chambers, stasis tubes, structural design, water, scientific discovery, surveillance and its consequences, pipes, electromagnetic currents, industry, laboratory-made chimeras, vat grown-genetically modified-97% microplastic humanoids, connecting with spectral apparitions, qigong, extreme environments inhospitable to nearly all forms of life, sci-fi clichés, total cosmic unity, sobriety, civil engineering, humidity, nuclear energy, concrete, metallic hydrogen, the neolithic revolution, air ventilation systems, sensory deprivation, changing one's mind, being wrong

🚫 iDislike :

nationalism, scapegoating, shirking responsibility, manipulation, dishonesty, literalism, social group dynamics, rural areas, cars, most forms of ownership, idealization of the past, rustic interior design, unchecked prejudices, rudeness, littering, sickness, suffering, loneliness, abandonment, insecurity, instability, ingratitude, entitlement, voluntary low standards, miscommunication, social competition, petty disagreement, lack of worldly harmony, refusal to back down, cheap manufacturing, libertarianism, chauvinism, excessive individuality, dehumanization, exploitation of weakness, homogenous gray goo

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please contact me 🖤

sending lots of love, enlightenment, health and prosperity
🖤 xoxo censorine