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🤍iLove :

sterile chambers, stasis tubes, structural design, water, surveillance and its consequences, pipes, electromagnetic currents, global manufacturing, mining and energy industries, laboratory-made chimeras, vat grown-genetically modified-97% microplastic humanoids, connecting with spectral apparitions, extreme natural environments inhospitable to nearly all forms of life, The Godhead, variation, differences, separation, sobriety, civil engineering, the neolithic revolution, humidity, nuclear energy, concrete, metallic hydrogen, air ventilation systems, sensory deprivation, overstimulation, changing one's mind, being wrong, having fun, being pretty

🚫 iDislike :

nationalism, scapegoating, shirking responsibility, manipulation, dishonesty, literalism, rural areas, farming, cars, most forms of ownership, idealization of the past, rustic interior design, unchecked prejudices, rudeness, littering, sickness, suffering, loneliness, mass soul harvesting, insecurity, instability, ingratitude, entitlement, voluntary low standards, social competition, extroversion, lack of worldly harmony, refusal to back down, cheap manufacturing, dehumanization, exploitation of weakness, homogenous gray goo

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