search engines

gif search engine acccess the internet archive's collection of geocities animations
marginalia search engine independent search engine with non-commercial results

aliens, conspiracies & paranormal

alien alley artwork web art gallery showcasing artists who focus exclusively on alien subjects
alien jigsaw global extraterrestrial research
alien hub aliens, UFOs, paranormal Activity, and the unexplained
area x resource archive of alien, military, and government conspiracies

space, science & tech

cells alive explore & study cellular biology
meteorite market the web's oldest place to learn about and buy meteorites
L5 space development a space exploration enthusiast's homepage
dolly's cloning emporium for all your cloning questions and concerns
surveillance and society open access academic journal covering surveillance culture's effect on society
space architecture news and projects dedicated to space archictectural design and engineering
interplanetary network special interest group vint cerf's organization to deploy the internet throughout space
canberra deep space communications complex discover one of the most beautiful deep space communication stations on earth

graphics & visuals

88x31 GIF collection collection of old web buttons
kaoani collection collection of pixels, glitters & kaoanis
cameron's world shrine dedicated to the old web
animated text generate animated text
kidpix painter nostalgic in-browser paint software generate your own blinkies
text to ascii generate text into ascii art
buddy icons archive of old msn, aim & user icons
gif paradise gif and glitter collection
archivepdf archive fashion scans
mysmilies old web smiley collection
bloggif photo editor and glitter text maker
artvee browse public domain artwork
ezgif free online gif editor

encyclopedias, archives & libraries scale and evade paywalls
textfiles archive library of BBS textfiles
computer stupidities stories making fun of n00bz
worldwide myth encyclopedia encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legends
the fantastic in art & fiction cornell university's digital collection of supernatural fiction and art


pointless sites collecton of websites that waste more time than scrolling tiktok
useless web click to direct yourself to a random useless website


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