❥ personal webpages

  • beeep.neocities
  • eatenbacktolife.neocities
  • lainzine.org
  • endlessseternity.neocities
  • yugoslavia.best
  • cedricbonhomme.org
  • ⋆❆ seabreeze.neocities
  • ❥ webpage buttons

    i have no affiliation with most of these sites, but i enjoy and admire their work, so please give them a visit!

    my special, mutually linked sites are posted below, and in the link section on the main page

    hog hillhouse-banner petrapixel 22yk01 cyberneticdreams peachmoon.moe pinkgallica haunterweb fairygore sneerful's shelter website button kwaamfan faegardens333 alicebluef0f8ff

    i have my button multiple times to keep the grid aligned... something must be wrong in the code but 0.0 i'm looking away...

    resources : graphics

  • tell.wtf sketch a symbol and find the one you're looking for
  • kaomoji.ru/en database of kaomoji
  • emojicopy easily copy emojis
  • lospec pixel art tutorials
  • hekate2.github.io web 1.0 -style graphics, backgrounds, & font
  • girlygifs.com collection of cute web graphics
  • softglittergraphics.tumblr cute pink & soft glitter graphics
  • the-forgotten-rose.tumblr old web style glitter graphics
  • lilac-n-laender.blogspot vintage scrapbooking material
  • antiqueimages.blogspot vintage clipart
  • lostsozai.tumblr sozai & pixel blog
  • pixel-diary.tumblr decogals, pixels, sozai
  • kitty-realm.neocities super cute dollz artist
  • fancyparts.com collection of cute backgrounds
  • win98icons windows98 icons
  • htmoc.dns2go old web gifs & backgrounds
  • nyancan.weebly gyrau pixels
  • fun-lover.com old dividers
  • sorahana.ciao.jp pixel items & web materials
  • glitter eyez collection of glitter fills & resources
  • 88x31 GIF collection collection of old web buttons
  • kaoani collection collection of pixels, glitters & kaoanis
  • buddy icons archive of old msn, aim & user icons
  • fruchtgummi.tumblr sozai & pixel blog
  • gif paradise gif and glitter collection
  • mysmilies old web smiley collection
  • cavernsofblood.com web archive of a halloween themed site
  • swiftdreams/directory old web style graphics
  • cosgan.de/smilies more oldweb style smilies
  • peachie's pixel collection archive of cute pixels
  • mazeguy.net cute smiley collection

  • resources : image tools / editors / generators

  • dithermark another online dithering tool
  • ezgiffree online gif editor
  • pycheung.com/checker seamless pattern checker
  • text to ascii generate text into ascii art
  • tartanmaker easily design your own tartan pattern
  • textanim generate animated text
  • bloggif photo editor and glitter text maker
  • image size finder easy tool to measure image pixel size
  • pookatoo.com glitter & animated text generator