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The Intelligencer, "Scenes From the End of the Sexual Revolution," Sept. 16, 2023

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♡ Posted : Monday 18 September 2023

So, this is not really something I actually want to think about.However, since leaving Xitter, I've taken to Reddit, & there, I follow some snark subreddits, & I like to keep up with Musk-hate & alt-right figures, for the drama fear.

I've actually always been scared to directly name many of the online figures who I sometimes reference in my blog, especially when it comes toeugenics, hierarchy and predation. I've definitely been scared to name the ladies of Red Scare, in particular (not like, they're demons or anything and naming them would invoke them...), even on Xitter,because I've been on there for over a decade & I'm scared of online harassment... lol, and quite frankly, they're both mean!
or, at least, their personas kind of are.

Regardless of that, this recent "debate" (I've not watched it—I've seen some clips, and I read this article), instilled in mea feeling of despair and, of course, fear, as fear is my primary emotion in life. What can I say about the article, itself, rather than the spectacle about which it's written?

What's obvious is that this entire event was (one of Xitter's favorite words): a grift. It's obvious, too, that this was an advertising attempt to try to propel Xitter back into mainstream relevancy. It's also clear that it was a great PR opportunity for these alt-rightfigurettes to draw up some clout and attention. I'm so sorry to do free-ad work, but this spectacle gave me so much anxiety that I figured I'd type about it, therapeutically...

On the one hand, I find it endearing and special that a panel of young womencame together to "debate" whether or not the sexual revolution "failed" (as the article points out: failed what? seems a trivial detail not to matter). I mean, honestly, this article is hilariously written and the entire event itself is a joke. I look at these four women and see clowns (not that I'm judging them for it /I SORT OF AM, ACTUALLY.../, or that I think I'm any better, it's just that I don't have a stage, and so, I'm protected from the humiliation of performance),and it makes me really, really heartsick. Rather than rejoining to rigorously, or even partially-genuinely debate. . . an undefined, vague topic . . . with clear affirmative and negative sides . . .which would have been truly remarkable and lovely, these right-wing, terminally online women came together toadvertise themselves, debate nothing, and take no real position in any direction. (At least it's somewhat entertaining ^^ & gets some clicks).

"Banality is like entropy; everything collapses into it in the end. And so the organization premised on relentless self-congratulation for the capacity to offend leaves us with this: respect mothers".

Yes, respect mothers. Fuck sluts. Love your grandmother. Get money.

The article mentions that all four women are "boy moms" (which I think is like, a derogatory term, now? I have to add that I, myself, am also a millennial boy mom, so I feel for these women, especially in the sense of being responsible for the next wave of potential incel porn-addicts, if not something far worse). I find it stranger still, that withthat at stake, all four were seemingly milquetoast and inoffensive. Even I could argue the pros of pornography, if I had a platform like that on which to sell myself, but that is probably exactlywhy it was so banal—all of them have a brand, and an audience, and a follower/engagement count to maintain and increase. The risks are too great. It's unfortunate, but expected from a group of people who make their livelihoods by being just barely problematic. Never truly going against anything, they parade themselves as so countercultural, when in reality, no one could be as perfectly conformist as they are.

On a similar note, something that's always irked me about the online-right is their obnoxious persecution complex coupled with their obsessionto provoke. They want to hurt you, but they don't want to be held accountable for the consequences. In fact, they want to be protected while they harm you. [There is no ideological similarity to corporations who want to do whatever they wish and haveno government intervention whatsoever until they need a bailout or other self-interested policy engagement]. It always reminds me of 14 year old boys in the mid-2000s whowatched too much Family Guy and thought being offensive and annoying was some deep philosophical position—that calling a womanan "ugly, fat bitch" (or whatever), and her being offended by that, said something truly profound about humanity. "U mad, bro?" but as a political philosophy.

What becomes more apparent, especially with Grimes & Musk, and Musk's most recent biographer being interviewed on Lex Fridman (anotheronline-right figure with his own softcore, Andrew-Tate-like agenda of getting misogynistic, entitled men to fuck sex dolls and surrender their lives to total surveillance under corporate algorithms) is how mainstream these "dissident" views are, and really, always have been.

These libertarians are corporate shills: they sell the idea that there is no outside, that there is only you,sovereign & alone, in ruthless competition with the world around you. You can't count on government organizations, communities,collectivism, or any other larger group or institution to protect you or to defend your interests. The state of society isn't the fault of global corporations,stakeholder capitalism, human trafficking & slavery, legacies of racism & dehumanization,... No, on the contrary,anything in this world that you find repulsive, is actually the fault of your own choices, and usually,those choices are going to be ones that put you at odds with the prevailing status quo. I.e.: you're miserable because you're fat and poor,and you're poor because you're lazy... and if we're really going to get to the core of it, you're lazy because of your genes.

"The problem with all this freedom is the problem Khachiyan identifies, the problem that the sadness you feel is your own, and the broken society in which you live is a world your choices shape."

I find it funny that the problem is "freedom". Freedom for who, exactly? Freedom from what, exactly? Freedom to do what, exactly? They're talking about the sexual revolution, so, let's just take liberal white women as an example. What particular freedom is there to be found in liberal, middle class white womanhood? The freedom to drink Starbucks, get married, and shop at Target? It's delusional to believe that there's any freedom outside the ability to maybe purchase things and whore yourself online. The freedom to be as fuckable as possible, the freedom to be as seemingly intelligent as possible, but always reduced to your appearance (and that's a good thing, actually, because being a woman means relishing in personal grooming and vanity. All worthy women are vain, so...What, are you ugly or something?).

Not to go on, I just mean to say that "with all this freedom" is a ridiculous assertion. There is no freedom, truly. We are all bound by the responsibilities, pressures, and expectations we demand from one another. Relatedly, "you have no one to blame but yourself", like all truths, is only half-true. The irony is that,while we might only have ourselves to blame, we also have everyone else to blame. Though it won't appeal to resentment and grievance,a more productive question might not be "who's to blame?" But, what's to repair? So, you think the world is fucked up, how are we going to make it better? Starting right now?

To then add that, "the broken society in which you live is a result of the choices you make" is a sentiment of cruelty , and one which many have identified as being at the heart of the new,internet-addict-clout-chasing-right. The right has no sympathy for the weak, only disgust; no concept of a collectivism that transcends class or ethnicity—only in-groups, genetic affiliations, and social status hierarchies.Rather than accept the pain and heartache of inheriting a world built on bloodshed, violence, and inequality, and actively deciding to go against it; for these people, it's better to either do nothing, and let the callousness and apathy ice your heart (edgelordism), or work for it, get what you can from it, for yourself, & use that superior intellectto come up with cool, apathetic bourgeois rationalizations to justify why it's totally alright and even desirable to fuck everyone else.

Of course, our choices matter. We have power in how we operate in the world & to which structures, ideologies, andsystems we support, empower, avoid or dismantle (to an extent). Unfortunately for "private property, you're responsible for yourself, alone" weirdos—we are all at the mercy of others. She is right, I agree, in the sense that we replicate systems of oppression and violence in everything we do, and it's our responsiblity to to do our best to actually be revolutionary in the way we utterly humanize, care for, and treat otherswith full dignity and inalienable respect, and to protect the disenfranchised, rather than reinforce and scoff at their pain & predation.
- xoxo, censorine