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14 September 2021 at 15:33:23

why does this site exist?

to be honest, i don't really know. why does anything exist? that's the real question... it started off as only a blog, and then expanded from simple web collages to whatever it is now, which i think, it's like, this place is a selfie... but in css form...

what is this site about?

this site is mostly about... me, me, and me

is your site accessible?

  not anywhere near where it should needs to be. up until a few months ago, this site wasn't even mobile friendly. i've since prioritzed finding ways to make the pages accessible from a handheld device while maintaining my aesthetic.
      most pages should be navigable & mostly viewable on mobile. others, like web collages, have been more troublesome for me to adapt. i've used the viewport tag to get the best rendering i could.
      for content pages, i try to ensure that reader mode is available (i have major divitis and i'm still trying to get a handle around semantic html, so i'm sad to say that it's not always guaranteed). i really like producing pages, so i'm often focusing on the aesthetic elements and not the actual code structure.
      regarding graphics, i haven't yet had luck with the gif toggle on/off script, but i'm hoping to eventually get around to that, too. i also aim to be mindful of eye strain and do my best to balance gif animations to make sure they're not too overwhelming. i don't like feeling dizzy on my own site—though, of course, we all have different thresholds. all this is to say: while i deeply care about including everyone, my skill level simply isn't where it needs to be, yet!

where do you source your web material?
what fonts do you use?

      i'm a data hoarder, so lots of things have been saved over the years. nevertheless, i still do searches on google & try to find pixel blogs, which, if i use, i add to the link directory. i also take simple image search results from google and adapt them to my liking using GIMP.
      as far as fonts go, they're like, an addiction? the one i've been obsessed with lately, and which is the main font used throughout much of the site right now, is FFF Executive Extended Font.
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do you have to a web philosophy?

      if i do, it's ill-defined. strangely, i don't mind big social media. i've had so much fun on myspace, tumblr and twitter over the years, and the easy access and ability to broadcast to the semi-public is incredible, and in a way, it is a privilege to be able to do that. unchecked power, however, often leads to undesirable outcomes, so it's unsurprising those mega platforms have spiralled so far downward.

      i also started out my internet life on AOL, and that's made me sympathetic to walled garden models of internet use. i think there's a big inequality, too, when it comes to net surfing. some people don't have the time or energy to sift through tons of individual web pages. 15 minutes scrolling on one app with hundreds of people can be feel more satisfying (and less lonely) than dedicating that time to navigating webpages of one or two individuals, or even one dense and serious site. a lot of places have centralized apps for payment, idenity, & socials, etc. too, so there's a discrepenacy in expectations. i mean, everything is so complicated and interconnected...

       while i don't personally have a "vision" for the internet, its inherent military applications, surveillance capabilities, and embedded power inequities, (lurking, stalking, copying & saving content without consent, information asymmetry, and other more well known, unequal power dynamic tactics, such as data collection and algorithmic behavioral modification) make me weary of the possilibty of a "fair" or "nice" internet. the internet is as hostile and as brutal as nature, since, truly, the internet is a part of nature... and one component of that concept, which i can commit to, is that (almost?) everything online is meant to be shared! information is so much like air : we're all recycling and exchanging it, together, freely☆.☆.☆.☆.☆.☆.☆.

last updated : 15 October 2023