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Website birthday :

14 September 2021, 15:33:23

What is this website?

This is a personal website about "censorine", which is an online pseudonym I use. I'm shy about my real name because I don't like it very much, and it seems confidential. I don't want just anyone knowing my name... In any case, this website is a little personal space that I find akin to a selfie, and it was primarily made to share my typing, which I hope you'll read : microblog / diary

How long did it take to make this website ?

  I have phases of hyperfixation where I sometimes go so far as to neglect my real life in order to focus on updating this site. It's taken a while to get to this point because I handcode everything, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. Most pages can be done in a few hours, but there are always little details that need to be changed, and I often get tired of themes fairly quickly.

Is this site accessible ?

Probably not, though I try to make it mobile-friendly. When I started, I barely knew anything about coding (and I still don't), so I really wanted to make the site accessible and easy to navigate, but to be perfectly honest, this site is more of an art project, and I do not want to feel confined by norms and standards. While my goal is to balance aesthetics and accessibility, aesthetics definitely will and always do take precedence.

How did you make this site ?

I handcode everything in Visual Code Studio and I have a bad practice of editing the CSS in the same HTML file. Most of the graphics have been sourced and used as original, while others have been edited using Gimp. For a more complete (though still gatekept) list of sources used for this site, please visit the site credits page.

Can I quote/repost your writing or artwork ?

  I don't really care, but I would like it if you linked back to me, or notified me, but I'm grateful for any advertisement or to have my psyche spread, so feel free to do as you like. After all, some say that the internet is all about thievery and spying . .

Do you have a "web philosophy" ?

I support piracy, theft, surveillance, behavioral modification, conformity to the algorithim, addiction, neural hijacking by likes, facetuned humanoids, filtered 90 year old sluts, slowness, dumbness, illteracy, degeneracy, devolution, regression, etc. I don't know, though, really. I think my core beliefs right now are hedonism and vanity. Apply that to the internet as you wish.

I have another question, a request or suggestion. How can I contact you ?

I love hearing from new people, even if I'm not always the best at replying to them. So, please don't be shy to send an e-mail [ [email protected] ], message me on twitter, instagram, or simply leave a message in the chatbox on /iloveyou.html

Thank you for reading!