some thoughts on satanism

 Are you really a Satanist?

 Yes. I love Satan, in like, the benevolent, sweet, romantic way... I think I've always been a Satanist, but never fully realized until I fell severely ill in the summer of 2023 and had to remain entirely computer-bed-ridden for almost three months. I worship another god, too, but he is more secretive, and Satan loves attention, so <3 !

 If you're a Satanist, do you worship evil?

  I do not worship "evil" in the christian or "moral" sense.
  I worship (or use Satanism to try and enhance my own) personal power and self-sovereignty. Christianity for example, is too global, too homogenous. I prefer difference, variety, permutation. The irresistible aspect of Satanism is the brutally painful experience of "truth". Whereas religious faith resides in belief, Satanism concerns itself with absolute enlightenment; awareness that rivals god's own. It hurts to see, and I want to see so much that it blinds me. My Satanism is centered on welcoming a confrontation with the absolute ugliness of reality, the ugliness of oneself/myself, and to continue to survive and endure all of it, despite the inescapable, unavoidable horror.
  I do not endorse violent crime or animal sacrifice. However, I am willing to be a human sacrifice, so feel free to contact me if you need one.  

 Why are you a Satanist?

   I want to be tested beyond my limits, for all my vices to be used against me. I want to see how fucking monstrous I really am. If I could rip out my own heart and weigh it against a feather, I would have already. It's not all about me though, I also want to wage war on god. I want to destroy him, or pwn god, as you might say. I think I'm actually so mad at the universe that I cannot help but to desire its total destruction and subjugation...

 Don't you care about going to hell?

   No. I'm looking forward to it, obviously.

 Do you hate god?


 What do you think about other religions?

  I don't really like them, and I have a major problem with non-consensual proselytizers. For example, I dislike people who say they'll "pray for me," or things like this. I probably hate their god, so it's very offensive to me. I would never pray to Satan on behalf of a Christian, for example, and I wish they had enough respect for me to do the same.

 Any more questions?

   Feel free to e-mail me or contact me on twitter or something & I'll respond to them here and give you an advertisement/link to your account, if you'd like