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14 Juillet 2024 + /iloveyou.html
  • haven't updated in a while. i am staying home full time with my baby, so, as you can imagine, i don't have a lot of free time to dedicate to truly focused work. in any case, i did manage to slowly update the index/landing page, and i've changed /iloveyou.html
  • i've mostly removed the chatbox, though it's still available on the landing page if you're on desktop. if someone really wants to contact me, they can send an email. i feel very asocial these days.
  • i'm almost finished (!) with the quiz graphics, so hopefully, maybe, i'll be able to post that by the end of the week
  • of course, i need to fix /parfums.html & update other things on the site, but i just don't have a lot of time right now. i'm going to try to focus on working out again and getting back into my saturnian sorcery, and i'd also like to eventually make a page about that but! well, all in good time, i suppose ♡

  • 26 April 2024
  • redesigned about page. the new url is : big_kisses.html it's heavily inspired by listography.
  • changed some details on a few pages. tomorrow i hope to go out and walk for the entire day ! see you again soon ♡ big kisses !
  • also ! i joined a few new webrings:

  • [24/03/2024]
  • new webpage ! inverted_earth.html ! it might become a two part series. i'm sort of shy about it because it's actual "thought" and not just, like . . . pictures ? like, i'm scared of the reaction. but it's my own little story, so i hope people enjoy it. i had a lot of fun working on it, and i can really tell now that my coding has noticeably improved. xo

Site redesign
  • [19/03/2024]
  • basically every page now is updated, i have a few things to improve in the directory & 404, but i've installed new fonts and re-designed the entire site. i hope i'll be able to leave it for the next season. kisses

  • [08/03/2024]
  • re-designing /iloveyou.html it's so frustrating because i cannot settle on a theme for long... anyway, i'm also going through the other pages & fixing up fonts, adding images to graphics pages, etc. little tweaking here & there for the next few days.