I survived the necrotic underworld and all I got was eugenicist mind control

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I actually have a lot, For Which, to be grateful. A lot of the time, it’s easier and safer to publicize negativity. It’s harder for me to be sad directly in front of another person. I am safe being sad in a crowd because no one cares, which is perfect for me because I don’t care. I mean to preface this by saying that I‘m Not “Going” To Kill Myself. I’m not a murderer. I just get REALLY SAD AND FEEL SO HOPELESS SOMETIMES… Not today though. I’m feeling better.

Anyway, I’ve been skimming here and there about IQ and I find it funnier and funnier the more I do. And insane. But interesting… At least, it gives me something to think about. Something I Am Grateful For is How My Negative Emotions Drive Me To Learn More So I can Rationalize My Pathetic and Self Indulgent Pain and Suffering.

Just 8 million people make up the upper bound of intelligence. Capitalism is a meritocracy of intelligence. If you criticize capitalism, you essentially admit that you are too stupid to think your way out of the cesspool of mediocre losers. If you were really that intelligent, you’d solve your way into class domination. . . I LOVE CAPITALISM. PLEASE, I’M SO SMART!!!!

It is generally accepted that intelligence is a key factor in determining an individual’s success and happiness in life. A low level of intelligence can limit one’s ability to understand and navigate the complexities of the world, leading to difficulties in school, at work, and in personal relationships. This can result in fewer opportunities for personal and professional growth, leading to a life of mediocrity. Furthermore, a lack of intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills can hinder one’s ability to find solutions to everyday challenges, leading to a lack of fulfillment and a sense of stagnation. Ultimately, a low level of intelligence can impact many areas of an individual’s life, contributing to a mediocre existence.

– from chatgpt: “write a paragraph explaining how low intelligence leads to a medicore life.”

Before I go further, obviously, for this to work we have to accept that IQ IS REAL, IQ is genetically determined, is (entirely) fixed, and is an accurate determinant of life satisfaction, success, income, health, etc. Even beauty is correlated with IQ. You’re intelligent not because you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful because you’re intelligent; because your genes have maximized your chances for survival. The reverse clearly means that if you’re poor, ugly, unhappy, or sick: You are genetically inferior, and, evidently, of lower intelligence. Finally, it’s also obvious that is going into eugenics territory, so like… you read the title, didn’t you?

I’ll bring up a tiny point about the IQ bell curve meme: The largest portion of the population is within the average midwit range, and by continually idealizing the two extremes, I PERSONALLY, BELIEVE, that we are subtly encouraging the dehumanization of the largest swathe of humankind. If you think the “globalists” want to genocide and sterilize “you”: Stop projecting and reflect about who you want to genocide. Although, it must also be said: Genocide is a midwit/low IQ “solution.”

I engage with it too, from time to time. For example, last night, I was thinking that if I’m so genetically inferior that my only purpose is to be exploited, and the only value I can create is in submission, and knowing that my place in the world is and always will be beneath; that all I can hope to attain in this life is comfort and security in my serfdom, while “real humanness” (which I associate with knowledge, invention, creation, learning, discussion) is ordained only to those who have won the #GeneticLottery… wouldn’t it be MORE ethical to legalize euthanasia? Because not only does IQ determinism mean there is no hope for THE DUMB, UGLY, POOR, SICK, PARASITIC, AND USELESS (like myself), but it means that we are all small mechanisms in a larger, “natural” system that cannot be changed. The least They can do is give an escape hatch from the 🖤Nectrotic Underclass of Surplus Humanity🖤. But then, I was like, no. . . That’s Fucking Dumb, Actually. Genocide is an easy (and useless and evil) solution. Just Kill Them…? And lose BILLIONS over who “we” can lord, control and manipulate? Why on earth would anyone give up that opportunity? And not even in the Machiavellian sense of control. To take it to the extreme, if you were like, a God amongst mere mortals and could perceive connections and solutions to problems others couldn’t even see, wouldn’t you want to add to the world? Wouldn’t you want to make the world a better place? Lol. Or, at the very least, the world would be your experiment. And the more people are the more variables and more minds and lives to influence. Plus, in this entire scenario, I’d like to believe that those at the upper bound are more kind and humane than I think. On the other hand, it’s sad in a way that it seems many of the most intelligent people aren’t really building anything to improve life, but instead seem to actively want to harm the living/dead peasants that exist beneath them. It’s hard not to believe that the “Elite” don’t hate “us.” If they’re so smart, why does the world suck? Why isn’t culture more interesting? Why isn’t music better, why don’t they create more beautiful art? Why is so much of the media created actually genuinely misanthropic? Why aren’t the Smartest People You Know developing ANYTHING OTHER THAN SOFTWARE, JUST ONE THING THAT IMPROVES MY DAILY LIFE THAT ISN’T A FUCKING COMPUTER... They can’t EVEN DO THAT ANYMORE!!!!!?????? I’m sure the answer is maybe that most of those examples are done by ~130IQers, who think their pretentious trash is immaculate art . . .{projecting}.

Anyway, so: Genocide is cringe and passé. The better solution is to have 999 trillion serfs over which to dominate. I mean, $10 000 000 000 only seems impressive because the average person has, what? Like $10 000 dollars to their name? If I’m being like, extra super ultra generous? You think a thirty-million-dollar home is enough to display rulership over the masses? No. They need a diamond meteorite excavated out from another galaxy sitting in their living room while the rest of us masturbate into silicone and plastic, inject grey nutrient slop and service the computers that enclose, direct and entrap our lives. The inequality could become so extreme… which, I guess, is sort of sexy ? In the same way that being executed is sexy.

This bifurcation, with so little possibility for direct exchange, combined with the notion that one’s position is fixed, determined by genetics… AHAHAHHAHHA. OMG. That’s a perfect marketing segue into brain training, neural implants, embryo selection, egg/sperm donors, and artificial wombs… You are a low IQ genetic failure. Buy my Bluetooth brainwave reading and training headset. National IQ testing days where one lucky serf gets to win the CRISPR lottery. Gattaca bullshit, those breeding centers where the artificial wombs are completely controlled for all forms of stress and potential toxins.

With Enough Data and Automation, We Can Now Optimize the Entire Chain of Human Production and Manufacturing

It’s more efficient and a net profit for humanity to turn the earth into an open-air prison humanely run by the 0.1%

Ideally, you remove the average IQ fuckface because they’re in the way of maximum inequality. I’m sure it’s all been said before. The gift of mediocrity is redundancy, invisibility. Anyway, I might post more on this later, but I have to do something else now, but still want to read this on my phone. On a final note, I guess I have no choice but to kiss the boot that crushes me.

There are so many eugencist messages in culture and I feel bad for painting highly intelligent people as these dark sociopaths, but I’m just internalizing these cultural ideas and trying to feel better about them, personally, and if I have to scapegoat the privileged, then so be it! With the surge in fascism, neofeudalism, monarchism… And just the snake of genetic determinism that pervades a lot of the online content that I’m exposed to, it really is hard for me to live with the sense that I’m blacklisted, unwanted, INFERIOR, useless etc… Moving on and back to the topic.

On the one hand, I don’t wholeheartedly believe exceptionally intelligent people are these kinds of sociopaths who want 999 trillion slaves. I’m sure that’s not actually what longtermism is about, either … but who knows! I don’t. Nevertheless, I think most people, probably, hopefully (?) see the value in every human being, and realize that we can all learn Something from Everyone We Meet. Sure, we may not all have deep, fulfilling discussions with one another, but that doesn’t mean we all don’t possess innate value and special skills and insights regardless of whatever deterministic trait we’re measuring. On the other hand—it is scary. It is threatening to my survival. A threat to my child’s survival! And the fact is there really are many exceptionally intelligent people who think it’s better to have more exceptionally intelligent people and that there is a genetic sequence we can decode to engineer more of these types of people. Which, okay, sure… I get it. I’m redundant, I have no interesting insights, I produce zero to little economic, social or cultural value. You can create a lot of markets for people like me though! And my use can be in consuming … But it does hurt my feelings to KNOW that they think the world would be better off if I weren’t myself.

I think the problem might be related to the atavistic shift in our culturally shared sense of values :3 and the turn toward believing that there are some people who are just not really worth much—that some people would be Worth More if They Had Better Genes. The world would be a better place if you had increased genetic fitness. You would be happier with genetic modification. Which inherently, to my mind, seems to go against the belief in inalienable, innate individual value, dignity and rights, which feeds back into neo-feudalism. We also have messages of overpopulation, climate catastrophe, AI extinction, lack of resources, pandemics,! etc., and it seems we’re also constantly hating one group of people in an endlessly rotating carousel of social groups. Overall, it paints a picture of extermination and death. I’m a bit tired so some other points to mention before I log off for the evening:

– I get the sense of using the environment to install the intersubjective reality of GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED SERVITUDE. “Evolution spent millions of years developing the perfect domesticated monkey”, and the current media idolizes and romanticizes servitude, dehumanization, auto-objectification.

– The Marquis de Sade is a capitalist theoricien. He’s not just an edgelord… his books explicitly describe the ideal, capitalist USE of the human body. In his world, and in capitalist utopia: there is no part of the human manufacturing and production cycle that is not used to create surplus and wealth. But we’re definitely (?) entering a realm where we’re at least being told that humanity is the surplus (overpopulation, climate change, political polarization/alt-rightists, AI extinction risk ); a sense that there’s always some useless human parasite exploiting the goodness of the pure, collective hive, who is actually Doing The Work to Improve the Conditions of Mankind. Once the “average person” really does become redundant due to advances in AI and automation developed by the exceptionally intelligent… what do we do with that surplus? And to those who cannot adapt quickly enough? Hook ourselves up to Bluetooth-enabled VR headsets? Sit on a computer and blog to an audience of three? 😛 I guess it’s fine, isn’t it? If you just zoom in far enough into the microscopic world. And you enjoy what comfort you have, and find scraps of love and joy where you can… I hope the exceptionally intelligent will at least think of something kind and humane for the rest of us…

  • It’s definitely a pretty grim future to think about! I think you might enjoy Gigi Young’s work. She goes into a lot of the topics you mentioned here about eugenics as well as the occult history of the 1% who are calling the shots. Her Mars Mysteries series is really good and gives a lot to think about when it comes to the “why” and where it’s leading us. If you like topics of aliens, she gets into that as well. I find her perspective on it really makes sense, that the “Greys” are humanity from another timeline that went down the wrong path, a similar path humanity is currently moving into with the technocratic age. In a nutshell, the Greys became so absorbed in technology and eugenics that they actually ended up devolving from their human form to the point they can no longer reproduce, which brings in the reason for human abductions, probing, hybridization, etc so they don’t completely go extinct as a race. It’s interesting to think about! And now we see these things entering our own timeline and we’re at a crossroads where we might collectively take a similar path, devolving and ultimately destroying our own organic form.

    To share my own perspective, I think what we’re seeing here is the 1% who have a God complex. When you start getting into things like genetic manipulation, artificial wombs, “designer” babies, etc, you’re messing with things that goes against nature’s natural order that keeps things in balance. It’s a sickness of the mind, to believe they can successfully play “God” or override nature’s design without dire consequences of where that will eventually lead us and our organic human form. Maybe the same fate as the Greys where we’ve genetically modified our selves so much to the point we no longer can survive as a species without it.

    Anyways, lots of interesting topics to dig into! I enjoy reading your blogs. They make me think. 🙂

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